It's no surprise that 60% of our business is from architects, project managers and interior designers. We are the office storage experts!

The benefits of working with Rack & File start with the development of customer oriented solutions that meet your storage needs whatever they may be. In addition to our standard systems, we also provide fully customised installations. Providing practical assistance through a detailed analysis of your storage requirements means we can assist you to achieve substantial savings and increase your company's productivity. Our recommendations can immediately improve efficiency with future storage planning top of mind.

Stage 1 - Storage Assessment
  • Audit existing storage equipment, records and team storage requirements.
  • Calculate linear capacity of current records and provide totals by department and application noting operational efficiency for each team.
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of each application by total and percentage of total to accurately allocate storage to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Create an inventory of stock & requisites (team storage) with a view to reduce costs through rationalisation.
  • Establish future growth and or storage reduction patterns.
  • Quantify secure filing requirements.
  • Incorporate the team summaries with the Overview Group Total Report.
  • Cross reference the data with proposed facilities and present an accurate Gap Analysis and storage design options.
Stage 2 - Review, Gap Analysis, Design & Outcomes

Prepare a summary outlining the:

  • Review the floor plans and cross check with the storage data and provide a detailed current and Gap Analysis.
  • This information will provide the basis from which to allocate storage, both local and central, to each team and will highlight suitability or otherwise. The latter being flagged for further review and or recommendations as to resolution for each issue.
  • Prepare layouts and designs for the designated storage facility areas based on the established data and develop storage configurations, again both local and central, for each storage type by location and team i.e. configured for lateral filing, lever arch binders etc.


Rack & File will carry out pre-project audits on a client’s premises to:

  • Assess existing records and information management systems, including database systems, paper documentation and archives.
  • Assess existing company processes relating to the generation of records.
  • Gather and analyse technical specifications to meet the physical storage requirements.
  • Survey of key personnel to determine existing processes and individual departmental requirements.
  • Gather and analyse related information for development of appropriate Classification and Indexing methods.
  • Gather and analyse related information for development of Policy and Procedures.
  • Determine a solution which best meets the needs of the client encompassing, storage design, consumable design, indexing design and conversion.


Rack & File will carry out post project visits to a client’s premises to ensure:

  • Implemented systems are working efficiently and fine-tuning conducted where required.
  • Provide additional training where required.
  • Provide updated information on new technology on a regular basis.


Rack & File can undertake a survey and needs analysis of existing and future requirements and provide a full report including inventory of existing equipment, with recommendations on retention and disposal.


Rack & File’s Installation team has over 25 years industry experience and is fully accredited by the major manufacturers, ensuring the integrity of any relevant warranties is maintained.

Our customers also benefit from our excellent relationship with these manufacturers, ensuring extensions, upgrades and re-configurations are both trouble free and fully compliant with the manufacturers design specifications.


We strive to build long term relationships with our clients, providing them with innovative, cutting edge storage solutions that deliver real benefits to their operations and the bottom line.

Architects, project managers, interior designers and corporate establishments benefit from our extensive storage knowledge. Our key analysis of workplace spaces, generates expert delivery designed to meet the specific storage requirements of each valued client.

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