Rack&File - Your one stop office fit-out shop

With more than 25 years of experience in office records management, storage and office fit-outs, Australian owned Rack & File is a leader in the industry. We are offering in-house design, engineering and innovative products. We can also assist your business with an array of specialised services re-locations to project delivery. So whether you're relocating, merging, refurbishing, growing or rationalising, we can assist you every step of the way.

Rack & File can show you the future of records management and effective functional storage systems. Our showrooms showcase the latest in office storage products, designed to suit any modern office environment and always with a focus on sustainability and good environmental practice. 

Rack & File's ever growing customer base includes some of Australia's leading companies. Our customers always appreciate solutions that are functional, effective and not brand driven. With strong established relationships throughout the fit-out industry and fully trained staff, customer service routinely exceeds expectations.

The key to Rack & File CSM services is cost effective file and storage management, analysis of existing storage facilities, design and layout of new installations and records management audits. Products include eco-friendly plant walls, storage walls, shelving, locker cabinets, filing systems, stools and whiteboards.

Rack & File CSM is a company which delivers on time, every time. 

It all starts with the team

The success of a company depends on the commitment and dedication of its staff.

Quality results commence with people and end with first class service and products. We believe in our people and invest in team training ensuring high level skills and product knowledge.

From senior management through to our administration team, the staff at Rack & File is part of a thriving community committed to excellence in the workplace.


Blue Ribbon ServicesFor over 30 years Rack and File have delivered blue ribbon service to direct customers from small business through to major corporate clients.

Rack and File is a major supplier to industry consultants including Interior Designers, Architects, Fit Out Companies and Project Managers.

We also embrace our growing dealer network.

Mission Statement>

The mission of Rack & File is to build on over 25 years of excellence and service to the customer and to become the benchmark for the supply of innovative filing & storage solutions at the quality end of the commercial office filing and storage facility market.

With this focus in mind, we continue to strive for excellence by providing expert solutions, no matter the size or complexity, to suit each individual challenge and consequently ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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