Records Management

If this was the most important document in your organisation could you find it in 6 months? What about 6 years?

An effective records management system means finding records and documents the first time, every time!

Many companies today realise that effective records management systems are a vital component of their operations because they: make your staff more efficient, improve your levels of customer service, and create significant cost savings.

Take advantage of our free records management consultation to help you choose from the leading edge systems available today!

Filing & storage consultancy

Our consultancies look at all the records management requirements of the client, analysing current methods and procedures. From this we prepare a set of recommendations that will ensure the organisation is able to embrace opportunities that will result in them managing their records in the most efficient and economical manner.

Whether a major fit out or churn planning; an RFC consultancy can be undertaken with minimum disruption to your client. The results will benefit the designer, ensuring that the storage is not over provided, is strategically located, meets future requirements and is in harmony with the designer’s layout and aesthetic objectives. The designer’s client will pay less for storage units, conserve floor space for more productive pursuits and be able to embrace more efficient records management practices. RFC consultants just don’t identify records management and storage solutions, we work with all parties to realise the successful implementation for our recommendations.

Records management audits

  • assess existing records and information management systems, including database systems, paper documentation and archives
  • assess existing company processes relating to the generation of records
  • gather and analyse technical specifications to meet the physical storage requirements
  • survey of key personnel to determine existing processes and individual departmental requirements
  • gather and analyse related information for development of appropriate classification and indexing methods


Record Management